Our values

Our passion, our philosophy

The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to it and we must be indebted to it.
Cultivating it with the concern of ensuring its sustainability also guarantees ours!
To make wine it is not a question of knowing oenology, because this alchemy which is the transformation of grapes into living wine is not a creative science... because only nature creates!
It is not a question of applying a technique to better master life and produce better wines; on the contrary, it is about letting yourself be inspired and trusting in the dynamics of life.
It is a long-term collaboration between nature and humans.
Homo Oenologus must observe, open his mind to the understanding of nature and its various facets.
A living wine is a wine carrying messages, sometimes enchanting, captivating, sometimes rough and rigorous, but a living wine will never leave you indifferent because emotions it transmitted to us.
In short in one word……. AUTHENTIC
Living wine is sufficient in itself, let us know how to be humble and thank mother nature for letting us discover it