Biodynamic Methods


Biodynamic methods are inspired by the teachings transmitted by the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner in his magisterial courses for farmers.

His method brought up to date in 1924 the possibility of cultivatingyears no use of chemicals, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers.
The vines are thus cared for by the application of plant, animal or mineral preparations in a logic reminiscent of homeopathy.
These preparations are energized then applied to increase the vitality of the soil and the plants that inhabit it. Bringing diseased soil back to life and strengthening plant resistance is part of this overall concept.
Rudolph Steiner explains that the plant world has remained at a different stage of evolution from that of animals and humans. As a result, plants are receptive to cosmic rhythms, those of the moon, the planets of our solar system as well as all the constellations making up the universe.
Biodynamics promotes a harmonious whole, a healthy environment in which the vine and all accompanying plants love to flourish.


“  Being a follower of this philosophy, a little more than 20 years ago, for the sake of ecology and personal development, I made the decision to train myself through various courses and lessons in biodynamic techniques and its precepts. 

Following this, my team and I undertook a non-certified reconversion on our farm. 

We use biodynamic methods out of personal convictions.

These methods are controlled by Bio Inspecta official certification body, which authenticates compliance with official directives.

Also with regard to the law, since the 2022 vintage, our wines are organic and bear the Green Bud of Bio Suisse.


Philippe Dubuis


Our vines are cultivated and our wines aged in strict compliance with cosmic rhythms, they only receive natural care.
It is important that our consumer customers are kept informed of our natural approach.